About us


Vietnam Biking Travel was founded by a group of cycling tour guides in Vietnam. These are guides specializing escorting cycling tours for local and international travel companies. These guides have around 10 years of cycling in Vietnam, well knowing the country from the remote villages and dirt trails of Vietnam off the beaten tracks to the hidden single tracks bringing exciting experience for any cyclists.

No one knows or better than them, the true pioneers of biking passion in Vietnam .


  • This is the gathering of cycling tour guides so the itineraries are the most authentically Vietnamese culture, reaching the special trails for best biking experience, and mostly avoiding the busy highway with high level of risk in traffic.
  • Vietnam Biking Travel owns a great source of bicycles for varies need of biking in Vietnam, for the usages at asphalt roads, or mountain tracks.
  • Vietnam Biking Travel takes care of bikes by our own bike repairers, so as to provide the best condition of bike before your usage. These bike repairers also accompany our tours along the trips to make sure even the small malfunctions should be fixed at the day.
  • Vietnam Biking Travel is a small company with biking experts. This means your request will be sooner replied with dedicated advises, and your cost is lower than any others, at the same level of service quality.